Why Everyone is Talking About BIAB: The Nail Game-Changer

Why Everyone is Talking About BIAB: The Nail Game-Changer - Polish Amsterdam

If you love gel manicures but find they don't love you back, it’s time to discover BIAB (Builder in a Bottle). From red carpets to Instagram feeds, stars like Bella Hadid and Jesy Nelson are rocking BIAB nails. But what makes this treatment so special? Let’s dive into why BIAB is taking the nail world by storm and why it’s a must-try.

What is BIAB?

BIAB is a gel-like nail polish applied as an overlay on natural nails or short extensions. It dries strong and durable, reducing the risk of chips between salon visits. Unlike traditional gel polish, BIAB strengthens your natural nails, making it a healthier option for your nail care routine.

The Benefits of BIAB

  • Strengthens Natural Nails: BIAB helps improve your nails' flexibility and strength, promoting growth and reducing brittleness.
  • Healthier Formula: Formulated without harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP, BIAB is a safer choice for your nails.
  • Less Damage: Since BIAB can be soaked off without drills, there’s less trauma to your nail bed.
  • Long-Lasting: Unlike shellac or traditional gel, BIAB doesn't lift at the edges, providing a more durable and chip-resistant finish.

BIAB vs. Shellac

BIAB has several advantages over shellac:

  • Stronger Finish: BIAB doesn’t lift or chip easily, offering a robust and smooth finish.
  • Healthier for Nails: BIAB is designed to be less damaging, promoting healthier nail growth.

Success within Polish Nail Bar

As a nail technician at Polish Nail Bar, Vy Trinh has witnessed the skyrocketing popularity of BIAB treatments. She’s seen a remarkable transformation in her clients' nails, who have switched from gel polish to BIAB. Customers who once struggled with weak or brittle nails now enjoy significantly stronger, break-resistant nails. The difference is clear: BIAB is revolutionizing nail care, offering a healthier, more durable alternative that’s changing the game for nail enthusiasts everywhere.

How Much Does BIAB Cost?

A BIAB manicure and refill typically range between €60 and €80, with soak-offs costing around €20. While effective, maintaining this at a salon can become quite pricey over time.

To make BIAB more accessible, Polish Amsterdam offers BIAB starter kits. Each kit allows you to perform up to 40 manicures with one bottle of BIAB. This means you can enjoy salon-quality nails at a fraction of the cost. Our kits include everything you need for strong, beautiful nails that last, making it easy and affordable to achieve professional results at home.