How to: Prepare your nails and cuticles

How to: Prepare your nails and cuticles - Polish Amsterdam

Ready for Perfect nails? Follow these easy steps 

What do you need

80/100 grit buffer
120/180 file
Manicure brush
Cutitcle softner
Liquid remover
Cuticle pusher

Step 1: Shape your nails 

Start by shaping your nails with our 120/180 nail file. Choose the shape you’ll love - whether it’s a chic almond or classic square . Make sure to file in one direction to prevent splitting and ensure a smooth edge. 

Step 2: Buff for Smoothness

Buff your nails to ensure a smooth surface using our Buff grit 100/180. This helps your BIAB or polish go on evenly and last longer. Pro tip: Use gentle, circular motions and avoid over-buffing to prevent weakening your nails. 

Step 3: Brush Away Dust
Use our manicure brush to sweep away any dust from filing and buffing. Clean nails are key to a flawless finish! Pro tip: Tilt your hand downward while brushing to make sure all the dust falls away from your nail surface. 

Step 4: Soften and Push Cuticles

Apply our cuticle softener around your cuticles. Massage the product in your skin, then gently push back your cuticles with our double-sided cuticle pusher. This creates more for your BIAB application and gives a clean, neat look. Pro tip: Use the rounded side of the pusher for a gentle push and the pointed side for precise cleaning around the edges. 

Step 5: Remove Excess Oil

Wipe away any excess oil or residue from your nails. Clean, oil-free nails help the builder gel adhere better. Pro tip: Use our liquid remover and a lint-free wipe to make sure all oils are removed completely. 

Step 6: Final Buff 

Feel your nails. If needed, use our buffer to even out any remaining texture. Smooth nails are the perfect canvas for your next step! Pro tip: Buff in one direction to avoid creating heat and friction which can damage the nail surface.