Nail It Every Time: Top BIAB Hacks for Perfect Manicures

Nail It Every Time: Top BIAB Hacks for Perfect Manicures - Polish Amsterdam

BIAB nails have revolutionized at-home manicures, offering a durable and versatile alternative to traditional gels and acrylics. However, even the best products can benefit from a few insider tips to maximize their potential. In this article, we’ll explore the trendiest BIAB nail hacks that every nail enthusiast should know. Our founder Vy Trinh will give you her tips and tricks to help you achieve flawless, long-lasting nails that look like they were done by a professional.

  1. Prep Your Nails Like a Pro

Proper nail preparation is crucial for the longevity of your BIAB manicure. Start by pushing back your cuticles and gently buffing the surface of your nails. This creates a smooth base for the BIAB application.

Hack from Vy: Use a cuticle softener to soften and easily push back your cuticles without causing damage. A nail file is also great for shaping your nails gently and precisely.

  1. Apply BIAB in Thin Layers

Applying BIAB in thin layers ensures an even and smooth finish. Thick layers can lead to bubbling and uneven curing.

Hack from Vy: Use a fine liner brush for detailed application around the edges and cuticle area. This prevents flooding and gives you better control over the product.

  1. Cure Your Nails Properly

Proper curing is essential for the durability of your at home BIAB nails. Make sure to use a high-quality UV Lamp and cure for the recommended time.

Hack from Vy: Cure your nails for a few extra seconds to ensure complete hardening, especially for thicker applications or darker colors.

  1. Avoid Skin Contact

Avoiding contact with the skin around your nails can prevent lifting and allergic reactions and give you a more clean finish look. 

Hack from Vy: Use a fine liner or small brush dipped in a liquid remover to clean up any product that touches your skin before curing. This ensures a neat application and prevents potential lifting.

  1. Cap the Free Edge

Capping the free edge of your nails with BIAB helps seal the manicure and prevent chipping.

Hack from Vy: After applying BIAB to the nail surface, swipe the brush along the free edge to ensure it’s covered. This creates a barrier that protects your nails from everyday wear and tear.

  1. Keep Your Brushes Clean

Clean brushes are essential for a flawless application. Residue on your brushes can affect the consistency and smoothness of your BIAB layers.

Hack from Vy: Clean your brushes with a brush cleaner or a liquid remover after each use. Store them properly to maintain their shape and effectiveness.


     7. Use a Top Coat for Extra Shine and Protection

A high-quality top coat can add an extra layer of protection and a beautiful shine to your BIAB nails.

Hack from Vy: Apply an Extreme Shine No Wipe Top Coat to seal your BIAB manicure. This not only adds shine but also protects your nails from scratches and chips.


    8. Moisturize Regularly

Regular moisturizing keeps your cuticles healthy and your nails looking fresh.

Hack from Vy: Use nail oil daily to keep your cuticles hydrated. This prevents dryness and enhances the overall appearance of your nails.

BIAB nails offer a versatile and durable option for at-home manicures, and with these trendy hacks, you can elevate your nail game to a professional level. From proper nail prep to using the right tools and techniques, these tips will help you achieve flawless, long-lasting BIAB nails every time.