Elegant and Trendy: A Guide to French Manicure Types

Elegant and Trendy: A Guide to French Manicure Types - Polish Amsterdam

The French manicure is a timeless nail design known for its simplicity and elegance. While the classic French manicure with nude nails and white tips remains a favorite, many modern variations have emerged to suit different styles and preferences. In this guide, we'll explore various types of French manicures, from traditional to trendy, and provide tips on how to achieve each look at home.

  • Classic French Manicure. 
  • The classic French manicure features a nude or pale pink base with crisp white tips. Take your pick between one of our 9 BIAB colors available. From cashmere cream for a more neutral warm shade or Pinky Promise for a dreamy soft pink, these neutral/pink tones will create the perfect base for your classic french manicure. 

    All you have left to do is draw the line of your french using a White Gel Polish and a fine liner to properly apply it on the tips of your nails. Seal the design with an Extreme Shine No Wipe Top Coat. 

  • Reverse French Manicure 
  • The reverse French Manicure swaps the traditional design, placing the white (or colored) accent at the base of the nail instead of the tip. This time, using a White Gel Polish as your base color and the nude or pink tone of your choice as a tip. 

  • Colored French Manicure
  • Instead of white, this manicure uses vibrant or pastel colors for the tips. The colored French manicure allows for personal expression and creativity, making it a fun and stylish alternative to the classic design.

  • V-Shaped French Manicure
  • Features a V-shaped tip instead of the traditional curved tip. The V-shaped French manicure offers a bold and edgy twist on the classic style, making it a striking and modern option for those looking to stand out.

  • Double French Manicure
  • Incorporates two lines at the tip for a double French effect. The double French manicure adds complexity and depth to the design, providing a sophisticated and layered look that is both elegant and unique.

  • Diagonal French Manicure
  • This type of french manicure features diagonal tips for a unique twist on the classic design. The diagonal French manicure adds a dynamic and playful element to the traditional look, creating a fresh and contemporary style.

    Products to use: 

    Tips and Tricks for Perfecting French Manicures

    • Use Guides: French manicure guides or tape can help achieve clean, precise lines.
    • Thin Layers: Apply thin layers of polish to prevent bubbling and ensure smooth application.
    • Steady Hand: Rest your hand on a flat surface to keep it steady while painting.
    • Clean Edges: Use a fine liner or small brush dipped in a liquid remover to clean up any mistakes around the edges.

    French manicures offer a versatile and elegant look that can be customized in countless ways. Whether you prefer the classic design or want to try something new, there's a French manicure style to suit every taste. With a little practice and the right tools, you can achieve salon-quality results at home.