How to: Apply Gel Polish in 5 easy steps

How to: Apply Gel Polish in 5 easy steps - Polish Amsterdam

What do you need

Base coat
UV lamp
Gel polish
Top coat
Oilab nail oil

Step 1: Apply the Base Coat

Start by applying one thin layer of our base coat to your nails. This preps your nails for the gel polish, ensuring better adhesion and longer-lasting results. Cure under a UV lamp for 60 seconds. Pro tip: Make sure to cap the free edge of your nails with the base coat to prevent chipping and ensure maximum durability. 

Step 2: Apply the First Layer of Gel Polish

Next, take your chosen gel polish color and apply a thin layer from the center of the nail to the edges, making sure to cover the entire nail evenly. Cure under the UV lamp for another 60 seconds. Pro Tip: Use thin, even strokes to avoid streaks and bubbles. Less is more when it comes to gel polish application.

Step 3: Apply a Second Layer (Optional)

If you want a more intense color, apply a second layer of gel polish following the same technique. Cure again for 60 seconds under the UV lamp. Pro Tip: For a smoother application, let each layer self-level for a few seconds before curing. This helps eliminate any brush strokes and creates a flawless finish.

Step 4: Apply the No-Wipe Top Coat

Now, apply one layer of our no-wipe top coat to seal in your color and add a beautiful glossy finish. Cure under the UV lamp for a final 60 seconds. Pro Tip: Ensure you cover the entire nail and cap the edges to lock in the shine and protect your manicure from chipping.

Step 5: Finish with Oilab Nail Oil

Finally, pamper your nails and cuticles with our nourishing Oilab nail oil. This keeps your nails moisturized and healthy, giving them a stunning, well-kept appearance. Pro Tip: Massage the oil into your cuticles and nail beds daily to maintain flexibility and strength, reducing the risk of breakage.