How to: Apply BIAB New Set in 5 simple steps

How to: Apply BIAB New Set in 5 simple steps - Polish Amsterdam


What do you need?

UV lamp
Oilab nail oil

Step 1: Apply Your BIAB Product
Take a small amount of the product and apply it to your nails. Begin in the center and swipe towards the edges, making sure to cover the entire nail evenly. Pro tip: Use a thin layer to avoid lumps or uneven surfaces. 

Step 2: Perfect the Edges
Next, use our fine liner to perfect the edges and smooth out the application. This step ensures that every corner of your nail is covered neatly, giving you a professional finish. Pro tip: Clean up any excess product around the cuticles with a small brush dipped in our liquid remover for a clean edge. 

Step 3: Cure Your Nails
When you're happy with the look, cure your nails under a UV lamp for 60 seconds. This sets the product and gives it that solid, durable finish. Pro tip: If you feel any heat spikes while curing, it’s perfectly normal. Simply remove your hand for a few seconds and then continue curing. 

Step 4: Apply No-Wipe Top Coat
For a beautiful, glossy finish, apply one layer of our no-wipe top coat and cure again under the UV lamp for another 60 seconds. This top coat seals in your color and adds an incredible shine. Pro tip: Make sure to cap the free edge of your nails with the top coat to prevent chipping and ensure long lasting wear. 

Step 5: Hydrate with our oilab nail oil
Finally, complete your manicure with our Oilab nail oil to keep your cuticles and nails moisturized and healthy. A few drops are all you need for that final touch of perfection. Pro tip: Regular use of our oilab nail oil keeps your nails flexible and reduces the risk of breakage. Massage it gently for the best results.