Nail Trends for 2024: Inspiring Your Next Manicure

Nail Trends for 2024: Inspiring Your Next Manicure - Polish Amsterdam
  1. Micro French Manicure

The classic French manicure gets a chic update with the micro French. This trend features ultra-thin white tips on a nude or neutral base, offering a subtle yet sophisticated look. Perfect for any occasion, the micro French trend seen everywhere on Pinterest is easy to achieve with our high-quality BIAB and white gel polish.

How to Achieve the Look:

  1. Chrome Nails

Chrome nails are dominating the trends with their mirror-like, metallic finish that stands out. They have seen a resurgence, particularly after being featured in several celebrity Instagram posts such as Hailey Bieber and runway shows. Our range of BIAB colors can create a good base for a different chrome finish every time. 

How to Achieve the Look:

  1. Colored French Tips

Add a splash of color to the classic French manicure with colored tips. You can use your favorite colored gel polish over a nude BIAB base to achieve this trendy look. Popularized by influencers and nail artists on Tik Tok, Colored French tips in vibrant shades like neon, pastel, and even dark tones are now more than ever trending. 

How to Achieve the Look:

  1. 3D Nail Art

3D nail art adds texture and dimension to your nails, making them truly stand out. While we focus on providing the essentials, you can start with a solid BIAB base and add 3D elements like studs, beads, or even raised gel designs. This trend is huge on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where nail artists are pushing the boundaries of nail art.

How to Achieve the Look:

Inspire Your Next Manicure

Our current range of nude and neutral BIAB colors, white gel polish, and essential nail tools are perfect for experimenting with these 2024 trends. Whether you’re looking to try a micro French manicure or delve into funky nail art, our products provide the ideal base for creating stylish and trendy nails.